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And This Is What We Call Demo Day

The owner of our trash haul company asked us 'Really, what can you d with a unit like this?" So we showed him the unit next door that we completed in 2016. Now he knows!! So really, the transformation can be quite breathtaking.....Check out the demo and what the same layout remodel from 2016.

Career Opportunites

This article was posted by one of our remodeling groups. May be of interest to those with young people looking for career ideas?

What Does This Machine And The 2018 Tour de France Have In Common?

Unlike the other teams, this year team Sky has a Bosch ventless washer and dryer for each rider. Why?  Due to the low temperatures required for the rider wear, not all germs are eliminated when washing all teams rider wear together. From this experiment, this year team Sky riders have not experienced any riding sores.

For older condo living, the Bosch ventless washer and dryer are condo ready with some changes from your contractor. If you've never experienced a Bosch ventless washer and dryer, they are amazing.

Wine Cooler, It's 5:00 Somewhere!

IKEA Brand Simply White Kitchen with Wine Cooler!

Closet's Aren't Just for Christmas

Anywhere you need storage, maybe even your living room?  Or better yet, one for the living room and one for the bedroom! IKEA closets offer lots of custom choices for shoes, drawers, whatever you may need. Vow to make 2018 the year to end clutter!

Doing It Yourself?

Not every remodel is DIY, especially a kitchen remodel. Call us before you start something you can't finish!

Town of Palm Beach Public Service Message

Trinity Development Corporation is a State Licensed General Contractor. We meet all the criteria below, so go ahead hire us!

When You Think of Kitchen Remodeling, One Name Comes to Mind!

Your Best Buddy Gets A Bath!

Laundry rooms are expanding to include a range of multifunctional options, including pet features.
Come on, you know you want it!

Feeling Blessed

We don't get every job, but we do have the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people. Pam had these kind words for us "At this time, we have decided not to proceed with the bathroom remodel. Thank you so much for your professionalism.