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Top 10 Remodeling Tips

Add Furniture to Our August Remodel, It's Breathtakingly Complete!

Simple and Exquisite

Now Here's an After and Before

Yes, we are an IKEA installation specialist. But what you may not know is that we also design the perfect kitchen or bathroom just for you, based on your ideas. That's what we do, work with you on design and then just do it! How easy is this?

What Do Grab Bars and The Guggenheim Museum Have in Common?

Both were designed by the greatest architect of our time, Frank Lloyd Wright. The grab bar was designed for Wright's master piece, Falling Waters located in Pennsylvania. Just goes to show that functionality is always in style. By the way this year marks the 50th Anniversary for the Guggenheim Museum located in New York. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday To Our Friend IKEA

One of the reasons we are the IKEA specialist!

For The Savvy Investor

Some homes are not for you. Some homes are for your tenants. Investors are looking for quality and style for their investment. This is our modest rental renovation. If the IKEA cabinet doors get nicked, they are easily replaceable with another IKEA door of the same or different style. From us to you, Happy Investing!

Did Someone Mention Custom Sidewalk?

From our Sebring office. The owner asked for a sidewalk to fit his landscape design. We custom designed this sidewalk to fit his landscape design. Happy homeowner.

Sneek Preview

This renovation is coming to a neighborhood near you!

Have You Ever Asked Yourself......

How does someone get from concrete block to this family room? Please ask me!

Day Six Of The Hottest Countertop Finishes, Good Bye Granite

Laminate:  Cost and Fine Appearance
Bottom Line: Cheap and installation less labor intense. Acceptable appearance.
The laminate countertop is a cousin of laminate flooring: layers of paper treated with resin and pressed together under high heat and pressure. Under this paper-and-resin layer is a base of composite chip wood. The thickest laminate is used for horizontal work surfaces; thinner laminate is used for vertical areas such as backsplashes. IKEA, Wilsonart, and Formica are the big names in laminate countertops.